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Mod Post - The End

Dear Players,

As of our last post, OYUM has officially reached its conclusion. We started OYUM December 6, 2011 (yes, I went and looked) and we’re finishing up at the very beginning of July. 7 months, guys. Some of you have been here since almost the beginning, some of you have not, but it’s been one hell of a good run. I consider almost all of you to be some of the best players I’ve gotten to play with (except whoever plays Puck. I mean, wow…), and I hope that we get to play together in the future. 

Now here’s where I go into what’s happening now. You all are welcome to continue playing. You are. I’m not trying to tell you not to. You can play as a group or branch off into 1x1s. The only thing that I ask is that you do not create a new group and start advertising for new players using OYUM as a basis. I’m sure I don’t even have to really ask this of you, because there’s a level of respect here that I’ve always admired, but I’ve said it anyway.

Currently, I am working on a couple of epilogues for major players (Alex, Al Motta, Hanna and Mila, probably Puck). I’ll be posting them as I finish them, but don’t expect them on any timeline. It’s more of a personal project. If you would like to write epilogues for your characters, I would be more than willing to put them up on the main as well and give them a proper send off. You can basically have them do whatever you’d like them to, and godmod any characters we don’t have players for. Go wild. This is, of course, assuming you won’t keep playing, and is by no means mandatory. 

I… think that’s pretty much it, guys. Wow. Thank you, again, for being amazing. Whenever I do end up making my new game I’ll post it here just so you can see what I’m up to and join if you’d like. Otherwise… have fun.

If any of you would like to contact me, my personal is mayseemnaive. I’m pretty boring.


a.k.a. Puck/Hanna/Alex/Figgins/Auror Thomas/Daily Prophet Staff Writer/other

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Message from the Headmaster


After what was probably a very long and trying time, and during which I lost a lot of weight locked up in the dungeon (I even grew a fetching beard), the fugitive Alexander Lopez has been apprehended. It turns out that the greater wizarding world was almost completely in the dark about his takeover of Hogwarts, although they were understandably suspicious when the school year ran long. Luckily someone on the inside finally tipped off the Ministry and they organized a mission right away.

Although we celebrate our liberation and the continued ideals of peace and equality, Hogwarts has seen dark days and many terrible deeds. Those that have been affected by the terrors inflicted by Lopez and his followers will be well-cared for, both at St. Mungo’s and at their own homes for a little while. Every available medi-witch will be on hand for this. 

A memorial for those that have passed and those that have been wronged will be held Wednesday, July 4th on the Quidditch pitch, but students are not expected to stay. The school year is officially over. The train will be leaving tomorrow afternoon to take everyone home.

I am proud of all the students here at Hogwarts for remaining strong and showing exemplary fortitude and good will in the face of these trials. Next year we will once again be tyranny free, but until then, enjoy your summer and your families and friends.


Headmaster Figgins

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Message from Headmaster Lopez

You infernal idiots. Who was it? WHO WAS IT? The Ministry is a den of fools, so there was no way they could have found out on their own. One of you must have tipped them off. Or allowed someone else to. Did I not stress the importance of what we are doing here? Do you not understand what you have done?

Because of you it can no longer go easily and quietly. There will be bloodshed. Is that what you wanted? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED?

Students, stay away from the walls and windows. There is no doubt the aurors are bound to have twitchy wands. I would hate for any of you to get caught in the crossfire.

Headmaster Lopez

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[Owl to the Headmaster — Reply to Rachel Berry]

Mister Lopez,

I must admit I am struggling to keep myself calm at the moment to ensure the at this letter comes across as professional as possible though I’m not entirely certain how likely that is. You promised me that you had no intention of hurting anyone. You swore that not only would Quinn be safe, but that you weren’t even planning on hurting any muggle students… that you just wanted to ‘send them home the way they should be.’

Say what you will about the ‘accident’ but I think we can all agree what if he had his magic he would have at least stood a chance…. this is unacceptable. I don’t know precisely what happened to these students, but if their ability to protect themselves had been taken away they should have been sent home! Surely if you wished to observe them you could have done so from there.

This is wrong. It shouldn’t have happened. You know and I both know that, and so does the rest of the school.

- Rachel Berry.


Ms. Berry,

I meant what I said, and I have every intention on honoring said promises. It is a tragic thing that happened to Mr. Evans, however I take no responsibility for it. Regardless of what may or may not have been possible— perhaps you will recall that rarely is there no one around who rightfully wields magic— the fact remains that this was an accident. 

Unfortunately the slow pace at which things are accomplished lately is through the fault of the students themselves. They continue to be uncooperative and elusive. You yourself have done me a service, but you still managed only three. Three out of plenty more.

As for what shouldn’t have happened, well, I agree. However this is certainly not the first time there has been an accident at Hogwarts, nor will it be the last. This world is a dangerous place, Ms. Berry, and therefore only those truly born to tread these paths should do so. I am trying to make sure of that. As should you.

Headmaster Lopez

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Just some fluke? Sir, with all due respect… If we thought with that logic then wouldn’t you ending up being born into your Pureblood family be a fluke and I in mine? Why can’t we all just live in peace, embracing our love for magic and not trying to tear it away from others when its not ours to take since it was not ours to give? I’ll leave you be since I do believe this conversation will never be resolved due to our obvious standings on the matter. 

Ms. Fabray, us being pure is certainly not a fluke, as our fathers and mothers before us were pure. There is no confusion, there, no slight of hand. We come from bloodlines coursing with magic. 

Theirs do not.

We can all live in peace once we comprehend that some were not meant to control these powers. There is no history, no understanding of the true nature of the gift. You are obviously too far indoctrinated under Figgins’ teachings to understand that. A shame.


I… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped. I don’t know what came over me. I am not normally that cruel and I apologize… It must just be the situation and all. I will say this though; Sam belonged at Hogwarts. Sure he was Muggleborn but he had magic in him. Sam loved magic, he loved casting spells even if he got them wrong half the time. He was one of a kind and dare I say it, a damned good Quidditch player. No one should ever be sent away because they are not of Pureblood. We’re all connected, one way or another. If you have magic, then praise Merlin because its a wonderful thing to have. No matter who you are or were.

That is a touching sentiment, and yet I am unswayed. Much as I’m sure his family will be when they learn of his untimely death. Why did he have to be exposed to such things, he who was born into what I can only assume was a loving muggle family? They have their place in this world, much as do we. They are suited for their lives and us to ours. That is simply how it is, how it should be. 

Just because some fluke granted him a bit of power, does not mean that he was meant to wield it. I feel despondent that I could not have achieved my objectives with greater speed and thus avoided all of this, but it simply a reminder of what I must do and why I must do it.

not-so-quinnocent-at-heart replied to your post: Message from Headmaster Lopez

Why he really should have been home? You disgust me, you insensitive git. You regret nothing so don’t spread your lies when clearly everyone is suffering BUT you.

Truly, I am not one to shy away from saying the things that clearly need to be said. I agree his death is tragic and completely avoidable if he’d been where he belonged. I mean no disrespect to his memory, only hope to help shape the future so that things like this can be prevented.

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Message from Headmaster Lopez


We… regret to inform you of the death of one Samuel Evans in a tragic staircase accident. I’m sure we will all remember him fondly in our hearts and trust that this is an example of why he should really have been home.

Please do stay safe,

Headmaster Lopez

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[Owl to Quinn Fabray]


Mr. Lopez,

That honestly doesn’t surprise me. But I’ll warn you, curiosity did kill the cat, sir. My memory loss is quite curious so I do suppose I shall give you that. Torture, sir? As fun as that sounds, I’d rather not; not my cup of tea. Merlin, you’re making me sound like a very confused young witch but what on earth do you mean by my handler? I do not have one.

Wait his acquaintance with me? He was my teacher… Nothing more, nothing less. Did… Are you saying that you think whatever happened to Mr. Schuester and myself was somehow connected? As for having forgotten… I have no knowledge from that month. Whatever happened during that month is indeed locked away in the subconscious. 

You and I as friendly, sir? I will not laugh because that would be rude and my parents raised me to respect my elders, as I have previously stated in our last myriad of letters. And as for what transpired during that time period? All I know is that I was a different person. Apparently it was like I was “dead inside”. Cold. I was bitchy, not myself. But I do not remember any of it.

I have no spite, sir, only dread. You’ve kept us in this castle long enough and its not long until our parents and/or legal guardians start wondering why we aren’t done with our term yet. Quite honestly sir, I just simply don’t like you. I think your logic is flawed and that justice needs to be implemented but hell, what would I know? I’m just a teenager for you to scoff at as you and your lackeys keep us students in check with your big elaborate letters, speeches to the student body, and elegantly-worded threats. 

If you do have information about me and my memory loss, I do believe that you owe me that much. And if you think you owe me nothing, then I will understand. I never expected the word fair to be ever in your repertoire, sir. Have a good evening.


Quinn Fabray

Ms. Fabray,

I see you’re still of little use and not nearly as interesting as I’d given myself leave to hope. No matter, I am no better or worse off than before. Of course I know of the circumstances of your month, you don’t need to explain it to me. No Ms. Fabray, I see I was right to have acted as I did and I do not believe I owe you anything. You are clearly of no use to me, and it is only out of deference to my promise to Ms. Berry that you remain so. I would dearly like to order that your handler retake that responsibility and perhaps you could prove your worth again, but at the moment I shall not. I have gotten some of what I asked for, and your efforts from before were not in vain.

Even though your conduct at the moment is appalling and should surely be corrected by your parents, I will leave you be. Enjoy your hard-earned independence, Ms. Fabray. Even if it wasn’t earned by you.


Alex Lopez

[Owl to Quinn Fabray]

Ms. Fabray,

I must admit that my curiosity hasn’t abated when it comes to you and your situation. Your situation and all of the unfortunate circumstances that surround it, I should say. Your memory loss is most curious and not standard, although perhaps fortuitous for both you and I, what with the loss of Mr. Schuester. Then again, that’s also a mystery I have yet to solve.

Perhaps you can be of some help. I had considered torture, as that would have the best chance of breaking the charm and revealing what it is you have locked inside your head, but then if you were really unaware of anything useful that would be a waste, wouldn’t you say? I have already consulted with your handler regarding the matter, and while she was clearly trying to hide how distraught she was at the death of Mr. Schuester (I know not why. Perhaps they had a fling in school, but that’s not really something I want to contemplate) she had nothing of use to share.

Now you, on the other hand… You most confuse me. How is it that so soon after the death of Mr. Schuester you mysteriously wind up completely unaware of that entire period of his acquaintance with you? I have contemplated this quite thoroughly and have a certain logical conclusion that would solve the matter but which seems unlikely. That would be, of course, that you have not forgotten at all. In which case perhaps I was remiss in ordering your help, when I really should have just asked. Are you angry at me for that? I do not blame you. I would like to offer my sincere condolences for that action, but I was under the impression that you were completely counter to my purposes, an impression that has not been dispelled by your actions of late. Then again, if you truly had not forgotten, why else would you have kept quiet on the subject other than that you agreed with my purposes? Then, your actions begin to make sense again. You are indeed well-placed within the student body to be of help, and I commend you on your efforts. I would like to ask, however, that we come to some sort of friendly terms on the matter, as I would like to make up for my earlier lack of foresight.

We need not be unfriendly, wouldn’t you say? I would simply like to know your accounts of what transpired during that time period, as perhaps you can give me some insight into the death of Mr. Schuester. Please do let me know.

And, supposing that you truly have no knowledge and I am back to square one on the matter again… well, simply disregard this owl. If that were the case you would probably just burn it before reading anyway. I’m not unaware of your spite.


Alex Lopez

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